Vcenter migration tool

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It essentially left behind the legacy issues around management and patching and all manner of other issues that impact Windows.

Using the Windows vCenter to vCSA Migration Tool

The next major release of vSphere is to be the last that supports a vCenter sat on Windows. For example, integrated backup is only available on the VCSA. VMware itself has stated that all the engineering resource dollars moving forward are being spent on the appliance, not the Windows installation. There is just no reason not to go with appliance. No malware, no Windows patches and no weird Windows server compatibility bugs.

The migration itself is actually well-honed and relatively straightforward as long as the administrator has done their due diligence. For those who have been dragging your feet, don't. If any better reason was needed, vSphere 5.

Now is the time to grasp that nettle.Please see KB for more details. Do not run any jobs before using the migration tool otherwise, the migration process won't be possible. If you are migrating to a 6. Please download this bundle: tool and instructions. Before using this tool, it is highly recommend to take a configuration backup of your VeeamBackup database. Do you have an issue or need post-sales technical assistance?

vcenter migration tool

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This tool cannot fix jobs targeting a Cloud Connect repository. Note: The utility will work only with a source vCenter migration. If Replication target vCenter is changed, you will need to manually map source VMs to their replicas.

More information. KB ID:. Last Modified:.

3 Ways to vMotion VMs without vSphere Client

Please rate how helpful this article was to you:. Thank you for helping us improve! Couldn't find what you were looking for? Below you can submit an idea for a new knowledge base article. Thank you! Spelling error in text A comment for a webmaster optional.In years past, moving from one vCenter to another was a very tedious task.

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Most people avoided it at all costs. This meant that if you ran a Windows version of vCenter, you pretty much had to stick with it.

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This generally made you jealous because you saw how much time VMware had spent developing the vCenter Linux Appliance. You have a lot of different factors to consider and you want to get a migration right the first time. Have you ever removed a host on a distributed vSwitch from vCenter and tried adding it to another? Your best option would be to build up a new vCSA and move the hosts into the new appliance. All the VMs, networks and individual host configurations would be brought over.

Is that something you really want to lose?

vcenter migration tool

Maybe, maybe not. Other solutions up until now would be to script the processthis has a better success rate vs. You might get lucky and it will work, but definitely tread with caution!

As of vSphere 6. But Ryan, why should I go through this hassle to migrate to a Linux Appliance you say? VMware has spent a ton of development time working on the appliance. I think this is the point where we burst into tears, yell loudly and clap. Thank you VMware, it has been a long time coming. So here goes. One of the first thing the tool does is deploy a new Linux Appliance and migrates the configuration from your old environment.

It will ask you if you want to keep things like statistics, events, tasks, along with configuration, inventory, and alarm data so you will have that option. If you decide to keep that data it will increase your migration time significantly.

This chart was taken from the KB and is a general rule of thumb, however. For this set of steps, we will make some assumptions that you are currently running vSphere 5.

vcenter migration tool

Also, if you are running vSphere 6. At least for now, until they release a newer version. Sometimes it does pay to hold off! You want to be live at your destination, not your source! Let that old vCenter go happily into the garbage heap. I would recommend that before you kick off the migration that you rename your vCenter in the inventory to something like vCenter-old before the move.

That way you can just rename it to vCenter or whatever you had it set to initially during the move and keep your life simple.As you know, with ELM, you can see all vCenter servers in one location, and you can manage the whole infrastructure from a single browser window even if your infrastructure has many vCenter servers.

If you have separate SSOs in your environment, they are pretty much isolated and do not share anything, so any migration isn't possible unless you use this tool. The tool allows users to migrate VMs in bulk easily from a graphical user interface between vCenter servers using the Cross-vCenter vMotion feature. In fact, the application gives you the possibility to choose between migrate and clone options.

The clone option might be useful for some scenarios as well. The "bad news" is that you'll need to install Java, but that's the only downside. Other than that, the utility installs via a single command window. First, download and install Java Runtime Environment 1.

After that, open a cmd window, change the directory to the place where you downloaded the tool, and type this command:. Run the utility from a command line. Once you see the message that XVMotion app initialized successfully, you can go and launch your browser to this address:.

It is a default port, which you can change by specifying an additional flag. Follow the instructions, which you can find on the VMware Flings site. You can only operate the application from a web browser. Once you have the default web page, click on the Migrate button.

You can survive the migration from Windows vCenter server

The window will change. You'll have the possibility to click on Register and provide the details of your vCenter servers. You'll need to register all of your vCenter servers with their credentials. Repeat this for the second vCenter server and for all other vCenter servers you want to use for your migration tasks.

You'll end up with as many vCenter servers in the list as you have in your environment. They'll be registered in the system when you do your migrations.

If you restart the utility, you'll just need to re-enter passwords and re-establish a connection for previously registered sites. The application stores the migration task state in memory.

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Restarting the app will lose the tasks. You have registered all sites with credentials now. So after this, simply hit the Migrate button to change the view. From the drop-down list, select the source, destination, destination cluster or individual hostnetwork mapping, and so on—simple and efficient. When it comes to selecting VMs, you can tick several VMs at once.

You don't have to create a new task for each VM individually each time. Once you've selected all options, just hit the Submit button and watch the progress bar.

VMware Labs has a variety of different tools that they first test in the lab and proof-of-concept POC environments, and then the best ones make it to production.Our virtualization expert Eric Siebert examines the vCenter Converter, outlines the necessary conversion processes for virtual machine migration and compares the Standalone and Enterprise versions.

Follow these steps before and after migration to make sure your customers' virtual machines VMs are in the best possible state for conversions. Listen to Eric Siebert answer other frequently asked questions about virtual machine migration to vSphere in this FAQ podcast or read a transcribed version.

The most popular choice is the free application from VMware called vCenter Converterwhich is a robust application that can perform both physical-to-virtual P2V and virtual-to-virtual V2V conversions. VCenter Converter comes in two editions: the vCenter Converter Standalone edition, which is a free application available on its own, and an Enterprise edition, which is included with vCenter Server. You can also use third-party imaging tools, such as Acronis Backup and Recovery and Symantec LiveState Recoverywhich create an image file that you can import into vCenter Converter.

When using VMware Converter for virtual machine migration, what is the difference between the Standalone and Enterprise versions? VCenter Converter Standalone is an application that installs on Windows machines. Enterprise is integrated into the vSphere client and is available as a plug-in to vCenter Server. The main differences between the two are the following:. During a virtual machine migration, what should solutions providers know about the conversion process used by vCenter Converter? There are several different methods solutions providers can use to convert an existing Hyper-V or Xen Server VM to vSphere, but the easiest way is to treat the VM as a physical server and have vCenter Converter work through the operating system OS layer instead of the virtualization layer.

Converter consists of two components: a manager server and an agent client. You can install both directly on the VM, or the manager can be installed on a separate workstation and the agent installed on the VM.

Once Converter is launched, you choose a source and destination. Then, a block or file copy of the VM is made to the selected destination. A block-level copy is done if you chose not to resize the destination VM's disk or if you chose to resize it larger. A file-level copy is performed if you chose to make the disk smaller. Once the conversion process completes, you will have a newly created vSphere VM on whichever destination you chose. Whenever converting a physical or virtual machine, you want to be careful that the VM comes over in working state with no corruption or missing files.VMware worked out a great way to migrate users running vCenter server applications on Windows-based systems into a Linux appliance.

It provides hardened security with security patches released fast when a vulnerability is discovered. The migration is semi-automatic, where you need to perform some manual tasks and follow assistants. However, the migration is very smooth and very straightforward thanks to those assistants.

Some guidelines, however, shall be respected. For example, you should make a full backup of your existing vCenter server. In case something goes wrong, you can always revert back to your existing environment.

You can migrate from vCenter server 6. You can also have external Platform service controllers PSCwhere v6. In this post, we will use a graphical user interface GUI method for the migration process. At first, connect to your vCenter server on Windows with elevated privileges.

The management workstation can run Windows, Linux or macOS as a system. Both 3 are supported for launching the migration from. Example from the lab is below. After clicking Next, specify the VM name and set a root password. VMware covers all environments, you can use the drop-down menu to pick the one which fits your environment. You have the possibility to use thin disks to save disk space. Note that those settings are not the final settings as the final network settings will be copied from the original vCenter server.

After the first phase is done, the second phase will copy over all the necessary data from your old vCenter server. And you can also select what you want to copy to the VCSA. There might be old data you do not want to copy or you do not care to copy. In case if you cannot migrate during business hours, this allows you to prepare those steps ahead and do the final step when you have time.

VMware has done a good job by creating this migration assistant with its workload. It really simplifies the migration to VCSA. It is pretty easy. You should know that the next big release of VMware vSphere will not be available on Windows any longer. Filed under: Software by Vladan Seget.

vcenter migration tool

Free Webinar. Register Now. Tags: VCSA 6.

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Supported Migration Paths You can migrate from vCenter server 6. StarWind VSAN for vSphere uses your local hypervisor cluster to create fault-tolerant and robust virtual shared storage, eliminating the need to buy a costly physical SAN. You can deploy it on any off-the-shelf hardware you already got.It is recommended keeping track of at least the data contained in the sidebar "Suggested Record of Poker Playing.

vCenter Migration Utility

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VSphere virtual machine migration tools: vCenter converter

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